Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I just discovered that what I thought were light orange stars... were actually olive colored.  ::face palm::

Since I've already completed 3/5 of the nebulas for  light orange olive stars, I decided to just change the color in the starcolors.txt data file from olive to light orange. ;)

Before anyone cries foul, keep in mind that a star's color has no gameplay effect whatsoever... I certainly will shed no tears over less olive in the game.  It's one of my least favorite colors.  An olive colored nebula would make me sick.

On a happy note, I'm about to finish up beta version 5 for the nebula retex's... that's 13 nebulas replaced (if you include the strategy starmap and light orange ones... which I assume you will).

EDIT:  It turns out the changing a star's color during a game in progress prevents nebulas from  loading properly for that star type.  So, that file will be included as an optional download at some point in the future.

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