Saturday, November 26, 2011

Missile trails!

I'm taking a break from nebulas and trying my hand doing some special effects.  Here's some images I found on the internet for inspiration.  I'm sure I can do something like this in the game.

UPDATE:  I finished doing the effect for planetary missiles... I think it looks pretty epic!  Screenshot of them about to blow up my helpless Destroyer class scout vessel...

They look even better when moving...  The trails are super long... and I managed to use some tricks to get the particle count is pretty close to the vanilla version (84 vs 58)!


I've made some custom effects explosion as well... I wanted to have debris left when a missile detonates... animated with some randomization.  They fade out appropriately as the trail fades.  You may notice I cheaped out a little on the trails in these photos (notice the texture repetition?)... yeah, I was testing explosion effects, not trails this time.  It'll look perfect when I'm done, trust me.  The top image will blow up if you click on it. ;)


  1. Been running your Eye Candy SOTS mods for the last week, since I first discovered the game. Very nice stuff. The work is much appreciated. Really makes the game feel far less dated.